Words on the Road: Guns and the Environment….

On the road. Heading down the Pacific Coast.

I asked three people on the ferry from Sitka to Bellingham, Washington if they  would be willing to share a concern or something that mattered to them. I asked if I could photograph them. One after another said “no.”  Lost my nerve and felt conspicuous. “Why should people do this anyway?”  “Not sure it will add much to the endless number of images and words filling the world,” I thought. Returned to reading for the next day of traveling though choppy waters, crossing fingers, hoping, nerve would return.

Off the ferry, around Portland it did.

121222 WSO Diane Envir 150BWw

Diane talked about a number of things in her life. Challenges, struggles, losses and changes. When the board and letters came out, she stepped back away from her story so to speak.  She chose the word “environment.” I asked if that  was something that she would say fit into the category of what mattered to her or something that worried her. She said  both.

121222 WSO Ed Guns 172 - 2BWwR

Ed, volunteer at a photo gallery.  We’d just finished looking at a photo series taken by Louie Palu, a Canadian photographer in Afghanistan. Ravaging with details and pauses that aren’t always apparent in a lot of images from war zones. A day or so later some of the images are still haunting me.

~ by coldwetnormal on December 23, 2012.

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