Words on the Road: Family, Carbon, Memory…

121224 WSO Reedsport Family Diane  293What’s important, what matters to you, what concerns you continued.

121224 WSO Reedsport Family 314 - BW 2

Economy Inn, Reedsport Oregon

Diane hesitated about being on camera, but not about what mattered to her. She reached for her most recent family photo, taken the day before. Meanwhile, her husband was talking motorcycles with Spencer so I asked him to join in. We were the only ones staying that night, Christmas eve, at the motel they manage.

121224 WSO Reedsport Or Wide 340 - BW

Highway 101 south of Port Orford Oregon

Prehistoric Gardens, created by sculptor E.V. Nelson

121224 WSO OR Carbon 353 - Version 2

121224 WSO Reedsport CU 375 - V2BW

The garden was closed, but you can see a few more replicas of extinct dinosaurs that we didn’t see–inside the gate on squidoo.

We travel on. Some days I don’t ask anyone to share a concern or tell me about what matters. Then I do.

121228 WSO Bolinas Abortion W 547

Bolinas, CA

Moments after I ask her to take part in what I call an “experiment,” Cricket tells me she knows exactly what her concern is.  She explains after I lower the camera that there are too many people on earth. We  could take better care of people if there were less of us. “Half” she says.

Next: Peter. He had the ‘o” in place. Letters all in a line.  Cricket, his wife, said, “let me change something.” She took the board, moved the “o” and handed the board back to Peter. The dog was not disturbed.

121228 WSO Bolina Memory 569

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