Words to Stand on: Trust, Work & Footprints

From an ode to a passing of a cat back to posting images from a photo series in progess:

The last photos  I shared from the Words to Stand on series brought up our connection to animals and the ocean and to fighting hunger. These images, all taken in California, are more about human behavior and self-actualization.

121210 WSO letters_hm. JPG

I met Brenda in Rialto, California. She came from Las Vegas to a memorial service for Spencer’s sister. Then I met a few of Spencer’s old friends and asked them to give me a couple words too.

130209 WSO Brenda-Trust-784 bw

130209 WSO Brenda-Trust-770 - V2bw

130209 WSO MCarthy footprints 667BW

130112 WSO Annie 984 +bw



Julie knew what she was going to do. She took me outside
with a quote from “For the Children,” a Gary Snyder poem.

…To climb these coming crests
one word to you, to
you and your children:

stay together
learn the flowers
go light


130117 Baja Mini camping 371sbw

We spend a lot of our days working. It is means money, time, identity. Maybe it is a calling or brings joy to others.  Perhaps it just pays the bills. Years ago I read an interview with Matthew Fox, who wrote the “Reinvention of Work.” It made me think about how fortunate it can be to find a balance and some harmony between what you do for work and what you like to do. And all the luckier to be able to go beyond our navals and checkbooks to attempt to make a dent on making the world a more just tolerant and balanced place.

When Julian, an eager vendor drove his van full of blankets, dresses and jewelry up to our campsite on Playa Requeson in Baja, I had a proposition for him. This was his second visit. I asked Julian if he’d take part in my experiment.  After all, we bought a blanket from him the day before and didn’t have much more room in the Mini Cooper for more stuff.  Julian quickly decided what to put on the board, “Mi Gusta Mi Trabajo:” 

130218 WSO Julian Trabajo-503BW adj sm

I think he came back the next day too, but as much as we we’re tempted to support Julian and this local business,  we didn’t budge.


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