I wanted to have a site that was clearly random.

It is inspired by Spencer who bought a motorcycle and is ready to take us on a journey with it.

I figured his excitement and this trip was a good excuse to make myself write and take photos. I am also trying to create a “better” relationship to digital stills (because I still miss the feel of my old 35 mm and Rolliflex cameras) and also push myself to scribble.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Are you doing any blogs now? Or do i catch up by normal e-mail. I don’t twitter or text. Nancy

    • Thanks for the comment and in a sense a prod?
      Intentions to blog regularly bogged down by to do lists, noises louder than hopes, a garden. Add in attempting to mentor kids for a PBS newshour and interns at the local conservation society, filming marine debris and people talking about resilience, spreading the word on local public transportation, researching national trends in independent nonfiction media distribution and co-conspiring on local storytelling events, showing films and giving talks, plus other bits (this list is meant to be somewhat random, but also a reminder or accounting of where days and months have gone). and it shows how life spirals….e-mail works too!

    • OK! Finally blogged again, as make cookies, pack up spark plugs and smoked salmon and head to Tenakee Springs to tend Spencer diving for sea cucumbers.

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