Words to Stand on: Water, Jesus, Ka’Ching!

One to three words to express what matters, to share a concern or issue. The photo series continues.

130101 Kyla animals 700

Here are some of draft images.

130105 Couple Paradise +270--- - Version 3


130108 WSO Gitesh Water 916 - V2 - Version 3

130108 WSO Gitesh Water 916 - V2 - Version 4

I have notes on scraps of paper and  ideas floating through my head to add words around the photographs. But there isn’t time.

130104-WSO Bill tech div-954 - Version 2

We (Spencer and I) are on the road in a used Mini Cooper traveling from Alaska to Baja and back. A maze of family and friends. Christmas on the Oregon coast.  New Year’s eve in Marin. Camping in Big Sur. Brainstorming and walking with anthropologists in Monterrey.  A memorial service in Rialto, CA.  Visiting a giant mall on Christmas eve to see what the experience would be like and surprising ourselves with the Indian food we found in the food court. Helping my brother-in-law organize his overstuffed corner in a convalescent home.

130110 WSO Carl  Jesus 888

These images are a mix of people we know and people I just met. I feel like a stalker at times: studying and observing people, hoping they don’t notice. I watch, ponder, torment myself and then approach them.

130009 WSO Ramona 756 - Version 2


More words. More editing to follow.

~ by coldwetnormal on January 11, 2013.

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